Jul 19, 2023

Is it legal to own nontraditional self-defense weapons?

Criminal Defense

When you are interested in protecting yourself from physical harm, having some kind of weapon is one of the best ways to accomplish your goal. However, not everyone is comfortable carrying or using a firearm. These people often desire other self-defense methods to deal with assault attempt. Businesses and manufacturers across the nation are eager to assist these people by providing them with self-defense items that are not typically illegal.

Examples of nontraditional self-defense weapons available for purchase include the following.

  • Self-defense key chains
  • Umbrellas or canes with a hidden long blade
  • Combs or jewelry with a hidden small blade
  • “Claws” that strap to your wrist
  • Tactical pens and multitools
  • Stun guns disguised as everyday items
  • Pepper spray bracelets or necklaces

These items may not be illegal to possess or even to carry, but you could still face charges revolving around weapons offenses in some scenarios. For example, if you use any of the items above to engage in criminal activity, you can face arrest. Even if you use the item to protect yourself against an attacker, you could face criminal charges

Just because possessing a certain item is not against Missouri law, it is important to practice caution in using the product. If you are arrested for using a nontraditional weapon in self-defense, you need immediate legal assistance. It is wise to contact a criminal defense attorney to help show that the item was legal and that you acted only to protect yourself. Facing the justice system without legal counsel is unwise in any case that involves the use of a weapon.