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Can I appeal my conviction in Missouri?

If you have a criminal conviction, you may rightly be wondering if and how you might be able to appeal that decision. A criminal conviction carries serious consequences for your life and your future, which may include jail time. A successful appeal can reverse your conviction.

Whether you are able to appeal and how you can go about doing so depends on your particular case. Here is some information about how to pursue an appeal of a conviction in the state of Missouri:

Gang violence might be reduced with cognitive behavioral therapy

Violent crime is sometimes associated with gangs. The criminal justice system takes a tough stance against gang activity because of the negative connation that comes with them. Even on a federal level, there are tasks forces to help combat gang activity. These work in conjunction with some other government agencies throughout the United States and into other countries.

The goal of these tasks forces is to help curb these dangerous activities. To do this, they will sometimes have to arrest people. Being charged with a crime that is related to a gang violence means that you are embarking on a long journey through the criminal justice system.

Your career might end due to white collar charges

Some people might hear about white collar crime charges and think that they aren't really significant at all. That isn't the case.

White collar criminal charges can seriously impact your life. There is a chance that you could lose the career that you've worked hard to build, even if you aren't convicted of the charges. We know that you might not want to think about this, but it is a reality for many people facing these kinds of charges.

White collar crimes can lead to very serious legal action

White collar crimes are non-violent crimes that usually have to do with money. Some common examples include forgery, identity theft, money laundering, fraud and embezzlement. Often, these crimes are committed by people in executive positions, but one doesn't have to be an executive to face allegations of white collar crime.

Forgery is signing another person's name without that person's consent. It can involve a check, a contract or even just a letter. It is never a good idea to sign someone else's name on anything.

Violent crime charges can impact your life before a conviction

Society places a big emphasis on a person's past. When you have a violent crime charge pending, you might find that people don't live up to the "innocent until proven guilty" standard that applies in the criminal justice system. Instead, many people think that if you are charged with a crime, you obviously did something to make the authorities levy those charges.

We know that this isn't fair, but you can't dwell on that point. Instead, we need to work on your defense strategy so that we can show that you shouldn't be found guilty. Of course, there are times when you admit that you did the crime. In these cases, minimizing the penalties that you have to deal with might be in order.

Missouri knife laws you need to know

Thinking of weapons charges, your mind might turn to gun charges. This isn't the only type of weapon that can lead to criminal cases. It is possible for a knife to lead to these. Here are important points to know about knives in Missouri.

This is one state that upholds a citizen's right to bear arms; however, the statute does allow laws that prohibit people with a violent felony history from having weapons. The same possible prohibition also applies to people who have been judged as being mentally infirm.

Factors that affect the cost of a criminal case

When you face criminal charges, you have a lot to handle, between talking to police to showing up to court dates. You need a strong legal defense for the best outcome. Managing all these areas costs money. But how much, exactly?

No matter your income level, criminal charges take a toll on your finances. Following are three factors that affect how much of a financial impact your case will have.

Fraudulent misrepresentation may be an element in a criminal case

When you are entering into a contract with another person, you have to make sure that you are being fully honest about all aspects of the matters at hand. Failing to be truthful can lead to claims of you making fraudulent claims. People might not realize that they might end up facing criminal charges in relation to these claims.

While it isn't likely that fraudulent misrepresentation is going to result in a criminal case on its own, it could play a part in a white collar crime case, such as insider trading. This is one of the reasons why it is so important for people who are in the finance industry, as well as executives in any industry, to be completely honest.

Violent crime charge defense options mustn't attack the victims

There are many different things that come to mind when thinking about working on a violent crime defense case. One of the most important factors in these cases is that you have to find a way to present your case to the court without making it seem like you are attacking the person who is the victim in the case. This is often challenging because there is a chance that the jurors will automatically feel sorry for that person.

It is imperative that we work on your defense with one of the top considerations being how things might appear to the jurors. We need to look at the statements we have to make and think carefully about how the jurors might construe them. We need to make sure that we show you aren't a bad person and that the victim misunderstood the situation.

Not all criminal convictions can be appealed

The criminal justice system is a fickle one. There are many different things that a person who is in the middle of a criminal case needs to remember. One of these is that your actions can have an impact on what options you have for your case down the road.

Many criminal cases are resolved through the use of a plea bargain. This enables the defendant to have a say in the penalty that is going to come with the resolution of the case. It frees up the court docket and the prosecution to handle other criminal matters. While this might seem like a win-win for both sides, this might not be the case.

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