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The truth must be the basis of a white collar crime defense

Being charged with white collar crimes is a hard situation to face. Not only do you have to deal with the criminal court system, but you also have to think about how the charges can change your career and personal life. This can be even more devastating than the criminal court consequences. We know that most people who are facing this type of charge never imagined that they would end up facing charges for their mistakes.

One thing you must remember about criminal charges of this nature is that they can affect your ability to support your loved ones. Your career might be in jeopardy because of the charges. In some industries, including the education and financial sectors, you might not be able to remain in a position because of the nature of these charges.

Murder and manslaughter: Slight differences in the circumstances

When you are questioned by homicide officers in the police department, they are asking you about the circumstances of someone's death. Homicides are deaths that are caused by another person. This doesn't mean that they are all criminal matters, but they must be vetted to determine the truth of the matter.

There are two types of criminal charges that might result from a homicide investigation — murder and manslaughter. There are different degrees of these crimes that have specific criteria and punishments. It is imperative to determine the exact charges you face, as the repercussions can differ markedly.

A guide for interacting with police

Interacting with the police can be stressful, confusing and intimidating. Whether a law enforcement official stops you on the street, pulls you over or shows up to your home, you may not know how to react. In a tense situation like this, it is vital to know your rights and behave appropriately.

The way you act around police officers can make or break any criminal case they may build against you. Here are some general tips on how to handle police encounters.

White collar crimes may directly impact a defendant's career

Nothing can ruin your holiday faster than finding out that you are facing criminal charges. For some executives, white collar crime charges are the type that will ruin an entire career, let alone the season. Oftentimes, these come after a lengthy investigation. You may have known that you were the subject of one, but it is possible that you had no idea.

When you are facing these charges, you might have a lot of evidence to sort through. You need to get to know the case against you so you can determine how to fight the charge. What makes white collar crimes so unique is that there is often a long paper trail. We know that this might be troubling to you, but you should ensure that you don't do anything that is going to get you into more trouble now. For many, trying to cover their tracks is what becomes problematic.

Deadly and dangerous weapons explained

The commission of a violent crime is one that comes with criminal charges. In many cases, violent crimes include the terminology "deadly weapon." If you are facing a case that involves this, you might wonder exactly what constitutes a deadly weapon.

Many people think that only guns and knives are deadly weapons, but this isn't the case. Anything that can cause death can fall under this category. There is a difference between a deadly weapon and a dangerous weapon.

White collar crimes can affect your life without a conviction

You never know exactly what is going to be the factor that leads to your facing criminal charge, especially if they are white collar charges. In these cases, you have to think carefully about what you are going to do. For many people, trying to cover up their crimes has a negative impact on their defense because they might even break additional laws.

If you are facing white collar crime charges, you need to act quickly. These cases often arise after vast amounts of research and investigation on the part of the detectives. The evidence is normally considerable, so you have to be prepared to focus on how you will defend yourself.

Immigrants can face deportation over gun charges

With the current state of the world, it is easy to see why some individuals feel the need to carry a gun. For some people, having one on them might not be the best idea. There is a chance that you could face a criminal charge based on the presence of the firearm. One group that has to be especially careful is legal immigrants.

If you are in this country through an immigration program, being convicted of a firearm-related charge can land you facing deportation. Due to the nature of these charges, the deportation is permanent, meaning you won't have another chance to come back into the United States legally. If you are facing a deportable felony weapons charge, you need to take swift action.

Understanding the Fourth Amendment

Every amendment in the United States Constitution is necessary, but when the police have arrested you for a crime, few are as critical as the Fourth Amendment. This amendment states that United States citizens have protections against unlawful searches and seizures. The amendment prevents the police from simply entering your home to find evidence without going through the proper channels first. In the event the police have acquired evidence unlawfully, then the court would throw it out. 

When preparing any kind of criminal defense, it is essential to look at the process by which the cops acquired evidence. Ultimately, the Fourth Amendment exists to protect your privacy, and many cases throughout history have brought this amendment into play. 

Appealing a criminal conviction can be complex

As we recently discussed, a criminal appeal isn't a new trial. You have to base the appeal on what happened during the court proceedings that you are appealing. It is possible that you will be granted a new trial; however, the appeal isn't the time or place to try to present a new defense. We know that this might seem like a difficult proposition. We are here to help you through the process so that you aren't left wondering what comes next.

The majority of steps in an appeal are handled on paper. The good news about this is that we can work on the angle that we are presenting and then tweak things as needed. We want to make sure that we file an appeal that accurately represents your position on the matters at hand. The briefs we submit must provide the information to back up your claim.

Criminal appeals aren't new trials

When a person doesn't agree with a criminal sentence handed down to them after a conviction, they will sometimes have the right to appeal. This must be based on specific points that are already present in the case.

A criminal appeal is not a new trial. Instead, you are asking a higher court to review the case from the previous court to determine if there are things that were handled unlawfully. As part of your appeal, you must tell the court exactly what points you were looking to dispute. This can be rather difficult especially when you are not familiar with the current areas of law that apply to your case.

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