RICO Charges

St. Louis Defense Lawyers Handling RICO Charges

If you have been charged with violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act), you face the real possibility of conviction for a serious federal crime. You may be subjected to criminal penalties as well as civil lawsuits in connection with alleged crimes connected with an ongoing criminal organization. Through RICO, you can be charged for crimes that you did not commit if the prosecution can prove that you ordered or assisted others who committed those criminal offenses.

If our attorneys at Richard H. Sindel, Inc., defend you in your RICO case, they are likely to dig into questions such as the following as part of their detailed investigation:

  • Was there an organization?
  • Did members of the organization commit the alleged underlying felonies?
  • What was the alleged role of each member of the organization who is named in the criminal charges?
  • What was the actual role of each participant or alleged participant?
  • What kinds of crimes form the basis for the allegations of RICO violations?

RICO tends to be used as an encompassing umbrella in connection with criminal matters, including alleged white collar crimes, violent crimes, threats of violence or drug crimes.

Every case is unique and rests on its own set of facts. In general, however, an effective defense in a RICO case often hinges on evidence that a group enterprise — rather than a collection of individuals acting on their own — was at the heart of an alleged criminal case.

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