Building A Defense Against Real Estate Fraud Charges

Have you been charged with, or are you currently under investigation for real estate fraud? If so, you should talk to a criminal defense attorney about your options. These cases can be highly complex, and should be handled by attorneys who can cast the details and your involvement in it in the best possible light.

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Real Estate Fraud Defense

Typical situations where real estate fraud may be alleged include:

Fraudulent transfer of property – Where a transfer of property occurred and the authority of the person transferring the property are questioned. For example, a trustee transferring property from the trust he or she administers to himself or herself.

Mortgage fraud – Where it is alleged multiple parties work together to defraud a lender. An appraiser may assign an inflated value to a property, and a real estate agent and buyer may work with that inflated value to secure a loan that has no basis in reality.

No matter what type of situation you were involved in, if you have been charged with real estate fraud, you need to defend your rights.

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At Sindel Noble, our criminal defense attorneys understand the intricacies of defending white collar crime charges such as real estate fraud. We will work to secure the best available resolution to your case.

Possible penalties of a real estate fraud conviction include fines, probation and significant prison time. Our experience in state and federal courts, including state and federal appellate courts and the Missouri Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the United States, has allowed us to develop and hone the skills necessary to offer real relief to our clients. Let our attorneys help you craft a highly effective defense against the real estate fraud charges you are facing.

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If you are facing real estate fraud or mortgage fraud charges, start building your defense today. You cannot afford to take any chances that may jeopardize your future.

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