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Since the arrest of Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford, Ponzi schemes have been a popular news item. Before those arrests most people had never heard of a Ponzi scheme; but we had Partner Richard Sindel who was part of a team that included F. Lee Bailey who successfully defended one of the first nationwide Ponzi cases. As the idea of Ponzi schemes rose in prominence with the public, more pressure was put on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to aggressively pursue suspected Ponzi schemes.

A Ponzi scheme operates by bringing in new investors to cover payouts to previous investors. Money from new investors is always needed, or the scheme collapses. In this way, many legitimate businesses can resemble Ponzi schemes. Investment businesses and all businesses require influxes of capital and there are always risks of losing on an investment. The question typically becomes, “Were the risks adequately described?”

Defending against charges of participating in a Ponzi scheme is a complex matter. The amount of evidence and the complexity of the evidence call for defense representation that is skilled, aggressive and innovative at conducting such high-profile cases.

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At Richard H. Sindel, Inc. we bring more than 100 years of collective experience among our attorneys. Our experience includes defending clients in state and federal courts. We have won reversals for our clients before the United States Supreme Court. Partner Richard Sindel is frequently asked to serve as “learned counsel” in federal courts across the nation. This designation is used by federal judges to determine how qualified an attorney is and whether he or she is capable of handling the most difficult cases.

We understand how to conduct an investigation that can readily gather exculpatory evidence. Our skill as litigators is highly effective at crafting a narrative that can act as an alternative to the government’s version of the facts. Let us help you fight your Ponzi scheme charges.

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If you are facing charges of having run a Ponzi scheme, start building your defense today. You cannot afford to take any chances that may jeopardize your future. Turn to the experienced and skilled attorneys of Richard H. Sindel, Inc.. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our St. Louis defense lawyers, call 314-499-1282, toll free at 866-489-5504 or contact us online. They will vigorously defend you or your family using intelligence, diligence and imagination.