Medicare And Medicaid Fraud

Defending Against Allegations Of Medicare Fraud

For individual physicians and smaller clinics, the administrative portion of your practice may be the most challenging. Simply running the business of your practice may be an aspect that was never part of your education. Even with experienced health care administrators helping manage your business, questions can arise regarding the validity of charges to Medicare and Medicaid. Doctors are trained as scientists and artists, not as CEOs of a business.

The interaction between Medicare and Medicaid and health care providers is Byzantine. The forms, the rules and the procedures can all be impenetrably complex and they are constantly changing. Fully understanding what you can and cannot do as a physician under Medicaid or Medicare is amazingly challenging. While you may have been simply trying to meet the needs of your patients, the government may conjure up fraud.

If you have been charged with Medicare or Medicaid fraud, you need to begin working to build a highly effective defense immediately. The government has an incredible amount of resources with which to prosecute these types of cases. We can help you more than level the playing field. Prosecutors tend to look at everything in the most negative light. Innocent mistakes became malevolent schemes.

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