Defending Against Allegations Of Fraud

If you are charged with any type of fraud, it is critical to have experienced and knowledgeable legal representation to protect your rights and mount a vigorous defense against the charges. At the St. Louis law firm of Richard H. Sindel, Inc., our criminal defense lawyers are highly experienced fraud defense attorneys. They have received numerous awards and national recognition for their achievements in all types of white collar criminal cases, including fraud matters.

Advice For People Facing Fraud Charges

Our attorneys advise people who believe that they may be charged with fraud or any crime to not speak to law enforcement until you have consulted with a knowledgeable attorney. Do not speak with any law enforcement officials, even if you know that you are innocent of the charges. Also, police or federal agents may suggest that if you cooperate, you will face lesser charges or reduced penalties. It is critical to refuse any deals offered by the state until you consult a lawyer. You may be signing away your rights if you accept offers from the police.

Examples Of Our Cases

Our fraud defense lawyers have successfully defended clients against charges involving:

We have helped clients facing fraud charges obtain acquittals, reduced charges and dismissals. In some instances, if our clients are able to make restitution, the charges may be dropped. Our clients in such matters include a wide range of business people, entrepreneurs, real estate developers and bank officers.

When You Face White Collar Crime Accusations, Do Not Wait To Call Us

You have rights, and we will work hard to make sure that investigators, law enforcement and prosecutors do not violate them. For a free initial consultation about fraud defense, call our St. Louis, Missouri, office. Telephone us or complete our contact form to get started. The earlier in your case you contact us, the better opportunities we will have to protect you and build an effective defense.