Defending Against All Forgery Accusations

Passing or cashing a check you have forged or on an account you know has insufficient funds is a crime in Missouri. If the value of the check is less than $500, you could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail. If the value of the check is more than $500, you could be charged with a Class C felony, punishable by up to seven years in prison. Because of the seriousness of these charges, you should seek representation from an attorney experienced in forgery and bad check cases.

At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., we work tirelessly to defend the freedom of people accused of forgery and passing bad checks. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to protect your rights, and we will work diligently to obtain a positive outcome for you.

St. Louis Forgery Defense Attorneys

After passing or cashing a check on an account that you know has insufficient funds, you have 10 days to make it good. If you do not have the money to cover it, get legal help as soon as possible.

Our firm will vigorously defend you at all stages of the legal process. Whenever possible, our goal will be to get the charge dismissed or obtain another acceptable outcome. First-time offenders may be eligible for alternatives to conviction, such as pretrial diversion. We have helped many clients obtain these types of outcomes. If you are eligible and want that outcome, we will work with the prosecutor and court to obtain it for you.

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