Credit Card Fraud

Building A Defense Against Credit Card Fraud Charges

Criminal charges of credit card fraud typically fall into one of several scenarios:

  • Sophisticated schemes that often involve multiple parties utilizing large numbers of illegally obtained credit card numbers to defraud individuals, retailers and the credit card companies
  • Individuals using a credit card without authorization
  • Using a stolen identity to secure a credit card in someone else’s name

If you are facing credit card fraud charges, you need representation that is able to successfully defend your rights at both the state and federal levels. Credit card fraud can be charged as a state crime, a federal crime or concurrently as both. Not all criminal attorneys are experienced in defending cases at the federal level. It is important that you have the representation of an attorney who has a track record of success at the federal level as well as the state level.

Partner Richard Sindel has been called upon to act as “learned counsel” in federal courts across the United States. This designation is used by federal judges to determine how qualified an attorney is and whether he or she is capable of handling the most difficult cases.

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At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., our attorneys together bring decades of combined experience that allow us to craft highly effective defenses for our clients. They are skilled litigators who have built a track record of success in cases at the state and federal levels, including at the United States Supreme Court. They are dedicated to helping our clients secure the best possible resolutions to their cases.

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