Violating An Order Of Protection

Representation When You Have Been Accused Of Violating An Order Of Protection

Violation of an order of protection can carry with it serious consequences. If you have previously pled guilty to or been found guilty of violating a protective order in Missouri, a new case can bring a felony charge. Discuss your case and your rights with an experienced defense lawyer at Richard H. Sindel, Inc. Call or email us at our St. Louis law offices to schedule a free initial consultation.

You may have been charged with violating a protective order in Missouri that banned you from communicating, stalking, abusing, or even going near the individual who has an order of protection against you. The circumstances leading to the arrest may have been based on a misunderstanding or exaggeration. This is often the case in criminal charges of violation of protection orders. The word of your accuser may be the only evidence. Our defense attorneys are prepared to defend you vigorously in such a case.

At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., our attorneys bring the benefits of decades of combined experience to every client’s criminal matter. We are well equipped to find and implement the most promising defense strategies if you have been charged with violating a protection order.

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If you are facing criminal charges of violating a restraining order, our lawyers at Richard H. Sindel, Inc., can help defend your rights. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our St. Louis criminal defense attorneys, call 314-721-7113 or contact us online. In the case of an alleged order of protection violation, our attorneys are prepared to vigorously defend you using intelligence, diligence and determination.