Vehicular Manslaughter

Defending Against Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

Involuntary manslaughter is one of the most serious felony charges in Missouri. If convicted, you face up to 15 years in prison. With so much at stake, you need strong, experienced and effective legal representation.

At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., we are a team of criminal defense attorneys that provides aggressive representation in cases involving vehicular manslaughter, vehicular assault and other serious felony crimes. We will fight for your rights and freedom every step of the way.

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Vehicular Manslaughter Defense Strategies

For a person to be convicted of vehicular manslaughter in Missouri, the state must show two things:

  • That you contributed to the accident
  • That your driving behavior was criminally negligent

If it can be demonstrated that your driving was reckless or you were impaired by alcohol or drugs, that is sufficient proof of criminal negligence.

In your case, we will undertake a comprehensive investigation of the accident itself and the nature of your driving behavior. Working with a professional accident reconstruction expert, we will determine how the accident happened and who was responsible. We will also examine your driving behavior, challenging the prosecutor’s assertions at every opportunity. This could involve investigations by one or more experts in blood alcohol testing or other disciplines. The attorneys at Richard H. Sindel, Inc., will work diligently to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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If you face vehicular manslaughter accusations, it might seem like everyone already assumes that you are guilty or irresponsible. However, driving is a dangerous activity, and the truth might not be obvious. We can examine the facts and evidence to form a strategic defense for you. For a consultation about a vehicular manslaughter charge, contact Richard H. Sindel, Inc. We represent clients throughout Missouri.