Dedicated Defense Against Robbery Charges

Prosecutors in Missouri do not hesitate to seek maximum penalties for people accused of robbery charges. If you have been arrested, you need a strong and effective defense effort.

At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., we vigorously defend people accused of robbery, aggravated robbery and other theft and property crimes. Experienced and knowledgeable in the law, our lawyers are determined to help every client obtain the best possible result. You cannot afford to take chances with your future. Get legal help today from a team of experienced defense advocates.

We Can Craft An Effective Defense

When you retain our firm to defend you, we will undertake a comprehensive examination of the events leading to your arrest. Our attorneys will review all factual and legal issues that could result in a positive outcome, working diligently to craft an effective defense. With extensive experience in cases involving theft and violent crimes, the attorneys of Richard H. Sindel, Inc., have the legal knowledge and advocacy skills to defend you. If you decide to go to trial, we will fight for your rights and freedom at every stage of the legal process.

In addition to being strong trial attorneys, we are skillful negotiators. If you decide to seek a negotiated plea agreement, we will help the prosecutor and judge see the real you: a person with a future, one who is worthy of a mitigated outcome.

At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., we will be fully committed to your case. We will be with you all the way, working hard to obtain positive results for you.

Discuss Robbery Charges And Your Case Strategy With Us

There are many ways to defend against robbery charges, and we can customize a strong defense argument for your case. For a consultation with an experienced defense lawyer in St. Louis, contact Richard H. Sindel, Inc., by email or call 314-721-7113. At our firm, you will work directly with your lawyer throughout your case.