Sex Offender Registration

Our Attorneys Work To Help You Avoid Sex Offender Registration

Having to register as a sex offender operates as a lifelong punishment beyond that of a fine, probation or a prison sentence. It can be a punishment that dogs you throughout your lifetime. At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., our Missouri defense lawyers will fight to protect your rights. We will mount an aggressive defense to keep your name off of sex offender registries or have it removed if you have been required to register. Our work will enable you and your family to go about the rest of your life in peace without this crippling stigma.

Any Number Of Sex Crimes May Lead To Registration

Lawyers who are unfamiliar with sex crime cases may advise a plea of guilty to a minor sex offense charge. This may prove to be a serious mistake if a guilty plea leads to mandatory registration as a sex offender. Our St. Louis criminal defense attorneys have the experience to build a strong defense against any number of sex charges that could lead to registration, including:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Rape, including statutory rape and date rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual contact with a nursing home resident
  • Endangering the welfare of a child
  • Sexual exploitation of a minor

If you are required to register, you may have be on this list for anywhere from 10 years to the rest of your life. Registration means you have to re-register to community notification when you move to a new residence, as well as frequent visits from police and probation officers. Registration will also severely limit your employment opportunities and the security and peace of you and your family. The lawyers at Richard H. Sindel, Inc., have extensive experience defending against sexual accusations and will work tirelessly to help keep you off of a sex offender registry or remove you from the list when you should not have been on it.

Dedicated Federal Criminal Defense

Both the state of Missouri and the federal government maintain sex offender registries. Our attorneys have extensive experience providing defense of federal crimes. The requirements for registering with either the state or the government are constantly changing. We keep up to date with all changes to the laws in order to achieve the best possible outcome and get you off those lists.

Avoiding Sex Offender Registration

If you have been charged with a sex crime and are concerned about registering as a sex offender, we can help. While it is ideal to avoid a conviction in the first place with a tough defense, you may have other options. Contact our attorneys online or call 314-721-7113 for a free initial consultation. We can assess your situation and offer professional counsel.