DNA Evidence

Does New DNA Evidence Offer Hope After A Sex Crime Arrest Or Conviction?

Time and again, new DNA evidence comes to light after a sexual assault conviction and exonerates the accused. DNA evidence may be a powerful tool of defense after a false accusation of rape. Biological material recovered at the scene is of great interest in your case if you are convinced you are innocent of a sex crime.

On the other hand, sometimes prosecutors damage their own cases by destroying DNA evidence. This fact can indicate that something was fundamentally wrong with the prosecutor’s version of a sex crime case. Did the prosecutor burn or otherwise destroy biological evidence in a sex crime case that targeted you as the accused? Discuss your case with a Missouri defense attorney at Richard H. Sindel, Inc.

Our attorneys have, from time to time, uncovered unusual situations such as a lab technician’s DNA material present in biological matter used to prosecute a sex assault case. This type of breakthrough in a sex crime case can only come about through a detailed and determined investigation.

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