Sealing/Expungement Of Records

St. Louis Attorneys Handling Sealing/Expungement Of Criminal Records

A criminal record can affect your life in many ways. When someone runs a background check on you, he or she is able to see your arrests and convictions. It may become more difficult to obtain a job, acquire housing or own a gun. These limitations can place many obstacles in your way.

The experienced defense attorneys at Richard H. Sindel, Inc., are here to help you move through the obstacles. We can help seal your criminal record so that it is no longer visible when your background report is accessed. We have provided legal representation since 1937 and have successfully sealed criminal records for many clients. You can choose our law firm with confidence, knowing that we have the resources and knowledge to give you the representation that you deserve.

If your arrest record is expunged, it means that it will be destroyed or erased. If your arrest record is sealed, it will be hidden from public view. There are specific factors that are involved in determining what you will qualify for. Our attorneys can educate you about this and develop the strategy that is most advisable for your situation.

What Type Of Charges Can Be Expunged From My Record?

The following can be sealed:

  • Pretrial diversions
  • Post-trial diversions
  • Retired charges
  • Arrests

While sealing a criminal record can be complicated, our defense lawyers are highly experienced and qualified to address these complications.

Call Us Today To Learn If You Qualify For Expungement

The ability to get a fresh start could be immensely valuable to you. Whether you are applying to jobs, seeking loans or other opportunities, removing a prior mark on your criminal record could help you move forward with life. At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., we offer no-cost appointments with our St. Louis criminal defense lawyers. To schedule yours, call our law firm at 314-721-7113 contact us online.