Probation Violation

St. Louis Attorneys Handling Probation Violations

In many criminal cases, probation is a favorable outcome. Probation allows a defendant in a criminal case to continue living an ordinary life while remaining under scrutiny. Violation of probation, however, is a serious crime of its own. A conviction of violation of probation can mean:

  • Deferred penalties of the original crime may be implemented. For example, a defendant may be required to go to jail after all.
  • There may be additional penalties for the crime of violating probation.

A judge may sentence you to the full original sentence, continue your probationary period, or extend the period of your probation if you are convicted of violating probation.

Allegations of probation violation sometimes arise from misunderstandings between accused individuals and probation officers. Did you attempt to meet with your probation officer as required but missed the appointment because of incomplete information about where and when to meet? Did your probation officer accuse you of telling untruths or otherwise misbehaving during scheduled check-in meetings? Whatever the circumstances, we are prepared to help you devise a successful strategy.

Since 1937, our Missouri criminal defense lawyers have stood fast on behalf of the accused in the St. Louis area and beyond. In the case of an alleged felony probation violation, attorneys at Richard H. Sindel, Inc., are prepared to take up your case with vigor and determination.

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