Internet Piracy

Defense Representation In Internet Piracy Cases

Since the advent of the Internet and software, the world of computers and online interactions has opened the gates to accusations of new types of crimes. In particular, law enforcement agencies often pinpoint unpaid music downloads and file sharing of other types of copyrighted works as criminal cases. Have you been charged with Internet piracy in connection with illegal music downloading through file sharing applications such as Kazaa or privately via email? Whatever the specifics of your criminal charges, you should know that they are serious and deserve your full attention.

Just because “everyone is doing it,” that does not mean that a judge or a jury will not take your case seriously. You may be charged with infringing on copyrights or illegally spreading intellectual property contained within copyrighted works through online transactions. At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., we bring an uncommon degree of experience and skill to every criminal matter, including Internet crime cases. We are prepared to collaborate with computer forensic specialists, among other strategies at our disposal.

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Being charged with an Internet-based crime is a sobering experience. Entrust your defense to our experienced and skilled lawyers of Richard H. Sindel, Inc. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our St. Louis criminal defense attorneys, call 314-721-7113 contact us online.