Internet Crimes

St. Louis Defense Lawyers Handling Internet Crimes

Internet crimes are a relatively new field of law and include such offenses as identity theft and possession or distribution of illegal pornographic materials (such as child pornography). Because not everyone is familiar with computer fundamentals, frequently our clients have received illegal material, such as child pornography in unsolicited and unwanted emails or Internet searches, and later been charged with Internet crimes.

In a high-tech field of law such as Internet crime, you need an attorney with a firm grasp of how Internet communication works. If needed, we will bring in expert assistance to help sort through your case so we can provide the best defense possible. Although our criminal defense firm has been around for over 70 years, we have stayed up-to-date on the legal concerns of the computer generation.

Internet crimes can include:

In addition to our extensive knowledge of the new laws and regulations surrounding the Internet, we address issues relating to illegal searches of computers, Internet sites, and our clients’ homes. We have successfully defended clients who were being held criminally liable for files they didn’t even know they had. Whether or not you knowingly saved illegal material on your computer or website, we will examine your case thoroughly in an attempt to deconstruct the prosecution’s case.

We are intimately familiar with federal and state guidelines and we will use every possible argument to make the best case for you in court. Our knowledge and cutting-edge tactics will give you the best chance at exoneration.

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When technology is involved with criminal charges, the case can quickly become complicated. However, our lawyers have the training and skills to create a compelling defense argument. Contact our lawyers at Richard H. Sindel, Inc., online now or call us for a free review of your case.