Federal Crimes And State Crimes

Defending Against Federal Crimes And State Crimes

Richard H. Sindel, Inc., is a preeminent criminal defense law firm in St. Louis County. Our lawyers provide sophisticated criminal defense at every level — from the state and federal trial courts to criminal appeals. No matter how complex the evidence may seem, our attorneys are highly regarded for our ability to stand strong against the power of the government.

Fighting The Power Of Federal Prosecutors

If you have federal charges pending, you need the help of a skilled criminal defense team. We will fight to avoid a conviction, which can result in a prison sentence, fines, and a criminal record. We have years of experience representing the accused in federal courts throughout the United States.

When you become our client, we review your entire case from the beginning. We’ll even revisit your past representation for oversights and errors. In many cases, this exhaustive process disclosed attorney negligence, law enforcement misconduct or trial court error that could instantly deflate the case against you. We also have access to experts who can find and present evidence to challenge and defeat the case against you.

We have defended clients against federal charges in the courts of Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Florida, California, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Arizona, Mississippi and Indiana.

Lawyers in other states frequently turn to us to handle complex litigation. Richard H. Sindel is recognized by the federal courts as qualified by statute and past experience to try our system’s most challenging death penalty cases. Federal judges throughout the country often contact Mr. Sindel to help with these complicated and daunting cases.

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Missouri State Criminal Law Defense

State criminal charges can carry sentences and fines just as severe as federal charges. In Missouri, our firm has a reputation for providing the highest quality legal defense available to those facing state charges. Whether you or a loved one is facing state charges for murder, assault, fraud, robbery or DWI, you need to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your corner who is willing and able to protect your rights.

We use aggressive defense strategies to help our clients fight the most serious state charges. We will examine every facet of your case to find a way for the system to work in your favor. Even if you’ve already been convicted of a state crime, there may still be unexplored avenues to overturn your conviction and win your case.

Speak With Our Experienced Criminal Defense And Appeals Lawyers

If you’ve already been convicted, your case is not over. Our high-powered appellate attorneys will exhaust every avenue to get you out of prison and reduce or eliminate your financial liability. Over and over again, we have worked with agencies across the country to help exonerate innocent citizens.

Federal criminal charges and appeals cases require the right knowledge and experience to get the best chances of success. Contact us online or call 314-721-7113 for a free review of your case. Tell us your story, and we will explain how we can help.