First-Time DWI Offenses

Defending People Charged With First-Time DUI Offenses

Conviction for a first-time DWI in Missouri will adversely affect your life and livelihood in many ways. You should obtain representation from an experienced attorney who will vigorously defend you.

At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., we work tirelessly to obtain positive outcomes for people facing DWI charges. Our criminal defense lawyers thoroughly investigate each case and provide aggressive representation in all court and administrative proceedings.

Your future is too important not to have quality representation. Contact Richard H. Sindel, Inc., to schedule a consultation.

Experienced Defense Against DUI Charges

We will examine all aspects of your case to determine if a viable defense strategy exists. Any one of these or other factors could lead to a dismissal of the charge or reduction to a non-alcohol-related driving offense:

  • Lack of probable cause for the police to stop you
  • Improperly administered field sobriety tests
  • Inadmissible blood alcohol tests
  • Biological factors or medical conditions

You Face Two Legal Hurdles

You have only 15 days following a DWI arrest to request an administrative hearing with the Department of Revenue to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license.

When you are arrested for DWI in Missouri, you face both a criminal charge and an administrative process that could lead to the suspension of your driver’s license. Our firm will provide aggressive representation in both legal proceedings. In addition to trying to prevent the suspension of your license, we can use the administrative hearing to get the arresting police officer to commit to certain facts that could be of use in your criminal case. If we cannot prevent the suspension of your license, we will attempt to obtain limited driving privileges for you.

DWI Drug Cases

Prosecutors in Missouri are increasingly seeking convictions in DWI drug cases. If you have been charged, our law firm will provide vigorous representation regarding this charge as well as for any related drug possession charges.

We Will Work To Keep Your Record Clean

A first-time DWI case is critical; not only do you face potential penalties for the current charges, but any future DWIs will carry more significant consequences. Challenging the charges today could help prevent a mark on your criminal record. To schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney, contact Richard H. Sindel, Inc., at 314-721-7113.