Felony DWI

What Is A Felony DUI In Missouri?

If this is your second, third or fourth Missouri driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge, you know how important it is to work with an experienced DWI defense lawyer. It is even more important if you face a felony DWI charge — your future, freedom and driving privileges are on the line.

At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., in St. Louis, our DWI defense lawyers bring a level of experience few defense firms can match. We have brought successful felony DWI defenses on behalf of individuals in our community for more than three-quarters of a century. We know how the police and prosecution handle these cases and will use that knowledge to your advantage.

Missouri DWI/DUI Laws: Felony DWI

What is a felony DWI/DUI in Missouri? When can someone be charged with a felony DWI vs. a misdemeanor DWI?

Typically, you can be charged with felony DWI if you have been previously convicted of DWI two or more times. There are three felony DWI classifications:

Persistent offenders: Missouri DWI law will classify you as a “persistent offender” if you have two DWI offenses or one DWI vehicular manslaughter or assault charge on your record. Persistent offenders face a Class D felony, which carries up to four years in prison.

Aggravated offenders: These individuals face Class C felonies and up to seven years in jail. You can be charged as an aggravated offender if you have three or more DWIs or one DWI and one DWI-related assault, manslaughter or murder on your record.

Chronic offender: This is the highest DWI classification. It is a Class B felony that can land you in jail for 15 years. Under Missouri law, you can be classified as a chronic offender if you have four or more DWI convictions on your record or more than one DWI-related vehicular assault, manslaughter or murder.

Fines and fees for a felony DWI conviction can range in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars and you could face up to 10 years of license suspension, installation of ignition interlock devices on your vehicles and attendance in a substance abuse traffic offender program. Not to mention significantly increased insurance premiums, probation and a lifelong criminal record.

Do Not Plead Guilty Without First Talking To Us

These are serious penalties that could take away your freedom and change your future. Yet, even if you think the evidence is strongly against you, there may be defenses available.

Before you speak with police and prosecutors — before you accept a plea deal — speak with us. Our criminal defense attorneys can help you fight your charges, defend your license in your administrative hearing and seek the most favorable outcome possible.

Serious Felony Charges Need A Thorough Defense

Having a felony on your criminal record can affect not only your driving privileges but also future employment and other opportunities. Do not take chances by hiring an inexperienced legal team. Instead, rely on the experienced lawyers at Richard H. Sindel, Inc. For a free consultation, please call 314-721-7113. You can also contact us online.