Meth Charges

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Methamphetamine or crystal meth use grew into such a large issue in the last decade that very strict laws have been passed to try to combat that impact it has on our communities. With such growth in the consumption of crystal meth, many users began manufacturing methamphetamine in their own labs.

The risks posed by manufacturing methamphetamine were very serious. The chemicals used in the manufacture of this drug, if not properly handled, created risks of fire and explosions. Even when properly handled the byproducts of crystal meth manufacture would often need to be treated as a toxic hazard. Because of these risks, laws were passed that can have you facing criminal charges simply for having some of the chemicals needed to manufacture crystal meth. You can also be charged with endangering the health and welfare of those whom you lived with or who lived in your neighborhood.

No matter whether you have been charged with possession, manufacturing, trafficking or some other meth-related charge, we can help you secure your rights and your future.

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