Illegal Search And Seizure

Criminal Defense Attorneys Handling Illegal Search And Seizure Claims

If you have been charged with a crime on the basis of evidence that law enforcement agents took from your body, your vehicle, your home, or other property or territory belonging to you, a key question is: How did they collect it? Did they obtain necessary search warrants? Or did they conduct illegal search and seizure of drugs, drug paraphernalia or allegedly stolen goods? If you were subjected to illegal search and seizure, the resulting evidence may not be admissible in court.

Were Your Criminal Charges The Result Of Illegal Search And Seizure? We Are On Your Side.

Exploring every promising defense strategy on behalf of our clients who have been accused of crimes is what we do at Richard H. Sindel, Inc. If we defend you in any type of criminal matter such as the following, we are certain to look for evidence that your illegal search and seizure took place.

Being charged with a theft crime or drug crime puts your freedom and your future on the line. Prosecutors must present compelling evidence that you committed the alleged crime — and that they obtained that evidence legally.

Illegal Car Searches? You Are Protected By The Fourth Amendment.

If you are facing criminal charges in Missouri, we are prepared to investigate and uncover illegal search and seizure activity on the part of police or other law enforcement agents. Did police search your car or your home without a search warrant? Lawyers at Richard H. Sindel, Inc., can help determine the answer to this question. To schedule a free initial examination of your case with one of our St. Louis criminal defense attorneys, call 314-721-7113 or email us.