Your Future As A Professional And Student Post-Criminal Conviction

How A Conviction Could Affect Your Future

As a young adult, you have likely heard how any mistakes you make now can follow you into the future. When criminal charges are involved, however, this vague warning becomes a real, imminent problem.

At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., we take our job seriously because we know the possible consequences of a conviction for your future. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers work hard to prevent the far-reaching impact of criminal accusations. Whether you face an investigation, criminal trial or school disciplinary hearings, we will fight to protect you.

The Loss Of Scholarships, Grants And Student Status

Scholarships are a critical source of funds for tuition for many students. A criminal conviction could cause your donor to withdraw their support. Depending on your economic status and the amount of financial aid you receive, losing your scholarship could mean losing your chance to earn a degree. Financial aid aside, colleges can choose to expel students based on moral conduct.

Your Ability To Take Out Loans

For many young adults, taking out a significant loan is a rite of passage. Whether you want to continue your education, purchase a home or buy a car, you may need to borrow money. Unfortunately, when a lender runs a background check, they might reject your loan application if they notice a mark on your criminal record.

Your Eligibility For A Professional License

A conviction could hurt your career in many ways, including by blocking your path to obtaining the license you need to practice in your field. For example, a fraud conviction could convince a Missouri professional licensing board to deny certification in accounting or financial planning. No matter how hard you work or how skilled you might be, the inability to obtain a professional license could prevent you from having the career you want.

Take Advantage Of Our Legal Resources

Not all consequences of a conviction are obvious. The best way to avoid jail, fines and other major penalties is to set forth the strongest defense possible at the start of your case.

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