What To Do When Charged With A Crime

Criminal charges can be overwhelming, and your mind may race with the possible legal, financial and personal consequences of a conviction. A mark on your criminal record can follow you throughout your future. As a college student, you face a serious risk to your career, housing opportunities and more.

However, taking the right legal steps at the beginning of your case may reduce or prevent a conviction in the first place. Remember: you do not have to speak with prosecutors without your own attorney present.

At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., our criminal defense lawyers can help you navigate the legal process. For over 75 years, our family-owned firm has served college students and young adults across Missouri. We are confident that we can skillfully represent you no matter what charges you face.

Know Your Rights And How To Use Them

You have many different rights and protections during a criminal investigation, arrest and defense case, including:

  • Miranda rights, such as the right to remain silent during an arrest and the right to consult an attorney
  • Protection from unreasonable searches and excessive force
  • The right to plead not guilty, which prevents a conviction until the prosecutor can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt
  • The right to a fair trial
  • The right to question and cross-examine witnesses who testify against you

The law gives you these rights to protect you from self-incrimination and enable you to build as strong of a defense argument as possible. However, if you don’t take full advantage of these rights, you could leave yourself vulnerable to the prosecution’s tactics. Our attorneys can help you understand your rights, protect them and work to make the most out of your defense.

Consult An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Position your case for the strongest possible defense by working alongside an accomplished attorney. Richard H. Sindel, Inc. has advocated for many college students at court as well as school administrative hearings, and we have earned national recognition for our defense work. Call 314-499-1282 or email our firm in St. Louis for a free consultation.