Post-Conviction And Appeals

Post-Conviction And Appeals In Missouri State And Federal Courts

Even if you’ve already been convicted, your case is not over. Our vast experience with appellate procedures can help you overcome the conviction and avoid prison time and crippling fines. In some cases, defendants are victims of unfair search and seizure or other police or legal misconduct. In other cases, expert testimony and scientific evidence such as DNA tests were initially unavailable but could be used now to overturn wrongful convictions.

In 1999, Richard Sindel helped to free a wrongly convicted woman who had spent over 18 years in prison, proving that time does not destroy a person’s chance for justice and vindication. If a mistake was made we will find it, address it, and use it to ensure a fair result from a fair trial. As you only have one chance to appeal a guilty verdict, you need the most aggressive legal representation available.

We excel at handling post-conviction relief (PCR) in areas such as:

  • Ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • Innocence claims
  • Discovery of new evidence

The Secret To Successful Appeals

When we take your post-conviction case, we approach it with the same thoroughness as if it were brand new. We review the details of the proceedings, including your previous representation and the arguments presented by your previous attorney. When necessary, we go the extra mile to track down prosecutorial or law enforcement misconduct that resulted in an unfair conviction and sentence.

Midwest Community Involvement In Exonerating The Innocent

For many wrongly convicted people, bringing an appeal is financially impossible. We have teamed up with various organizations that help to provide innocent prisoners with funding, strong legal representation and expert testimony for their appeals.

We are involved with Barry Scheck’s Innocence Project, an organization whose sole purpose is to get innocent people out of prison. In Missouri, the Midwest Innocence Project fulfills the same role.

We have worked with Centurion Ministries, another group responsible for freeing hundreds of innocent people throughout the United States.

In addition, we have helped the journalism students’ innocence projects at the University of Missouri, Northwestern University and Michigan University.

All of these organizations provide funding and support to ensure that prisoners’ one chance at an appeal is successful. Various groups across the country provide funding and legal aid to help free innocent prisoners.

Legal Help for the Wrongly Convicted

Contact Richard H. Sindel, Inc., if you need help finding the resources for your appellate case. In addition to providing legal representation, we will refer you to local Midwestern organizations that may be able to help you obtain funding for experts, DNA tests and other possible avenues for strengthening your appeals case.