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When you have already lost your case at trial, it is imperative that you secure the representation of an attorney who has the experience, research and writing skills necessary to help you conduct a highly effective appeal. The options available after losing at trial become more and more limited. You need to make sure that you are not wasting one of these opportunities to overturn your conviction by allowing a less-than-qualified lawyer to represent you.

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At Richard H. Sindel, Inc., we are committed to helping you fight for justice at the appellate level. Attorney Richard Sindel brings over 30 years of state and federal appeals experience that can help our clients fight for the second chance they deserve. Conducting a successful appeal calls for experience that can only be gained through appellate practice. The appellate process is so different from the trial stage that otherwise experienced attorneys can fail without specific appellate experience.

It is important to make several considerations when choosing an appeals attorney, including:

  • How your first appeal is handled can seriously affect and even limit later appeals.
  • Cost considerations for hiring a highly skilled appeals attorney should be weighed against the amount of income that would be lost while serving a prison term.
  • The attorney must be ready to scour the record for irregularities and mistakes

A Federal Habeas Corpus Appeal Can Offer Real Hope

Habeas corpus is one of the most complex and complicated areas of criminal law. It has specific deadlines that, if not met, can deny you the opportunity to appeal particular issues. A federal habeas corpus appeal can be used to appeal both state and federal convictions. The purpose of habeas corpus is to allow for an examination of the trial record for errors that resulted in an unfair trial.

Attorney Richard Sindel understands the appeals process and can use that understanding to help you fight against an unfair conviction. He has won for dozens of clients using this legal tool. The state will fight to preserve a conviction; no matter how flawed, whatever the damage. Your lawyer must be prepared to convince the appellate judges that a mistake has been made and that you have been victimized by that mistake. Richard Sindel won his very first appeal as a second-year law student and his first appeal as a public defender. Put him on your side. Sample briefs are available for your review.

We help our clients understand what their post-conviction options for appeals are, including what are common grounds for appeals.

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If you have been convicted of a crime, you need to start building your appeal as soon as possible. You cannot afford to take any chances that may jeopardize your future. Turn to the experienced and skilled attorneys of Richard H. Sindel, Inc. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our St. Louis criminal appeals attorneys, call 314-721-7113 or contact us online. They will vigorously defend you or your family using intelligence, diligence and imagination.