Committed Conspiracy Defense Attorneys

Conspiracy is a term that often sparks curiosity and intrigue, but it is also a serious charge with severe consequences. In simple terms, conspiracy refers to an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime. Here at Richard H. Sindel, Attorneys at Law, we understand the complexities of conspiracy charges and the potential impact they can have on individuals’ lives. Our experienced team of defense attorneys is dedicated to providing strong legal representation for those facing conspiracy charges.

Common Examples of Conspiracy Cases

Drug Conspiracy

Drug-related conspiracies involve individuals collaborating to manufacture, distribute, or traffic illegal drugs. These conspiracies often involve complex networks, with individuals playing different roles, such as suppliers, distributors, and buyers.

White-Collar Conspiracy

White-collar conspiracies typically involve non-violent crimes related to business or financial matters. Examples include conspiracy to commit fraud, insider trading, embezzlement, or money laundering, where individuals work together to carry out illegal schemes for personal gain.

Political Conspiracy

Political conspiracies involve individuals attempting to undermine or disrupt governmental processes or institutions. These may include conspiracies to commit election fraud, political corruption, or plots to overthrow a government or incite violence for political purposes.

Terrorist Conspiracy

Terrorist conspiracies involve individuals planning and coordinating acts of terrorism. These conspiracies aim to cause harm, fear, and destruction, often targeting civilians or specific groups based on ideology, religion, or nationality.

Penalties for Conspiracy

While the penalties for conspiracy can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specific offense, there are some potential consequences that are common across many legal systems.

  • Imprisonment ranging from a few months to several years, or even life in prison
  • Fines from hundreds to thousands or even millions of dollars
  • Restitution to the victims of their crimes that can involve compensating individuals or organizations for any losses they suffered as a result of the conspiracy
  • Asset forfeiture, including property, vehicles, monetary funds, or any other assets that were obtained as a result of the conspiracy

Defenses to Conspiracy Charges

Lack of Agreement

In order to prove conspiracy, the prosecution must demonstrate that two or more individuals agreed to commit a criminal act. If it can be shown that there was no mutual understanding or agreement between the individuals, this lack of agreement can serve as a defense.

Lack of Intent

Conspiracy requires not only an agreement but also an intention to commit the crime. If it can be demonstrated that the alleged conspirators did not have a genuine intent to follow through with the criminal act, this lack of intent can be used as a defense.

Withdrawal From Conspiracy

Withdrawal typically involves taking affirmative steps to disassociate oneself from the conspiracy, such as informing law enforcement or the other conspirators of one’s decision to no longer participate. However, it’s important to note that withdrawal may not always absolve an individual of liability for the conspiracy, depending on the jurisdiction’s laws and specific circumstances.


Entrapment is a legal defense that asserts an individual’s innocence based on the claim that they were induced or coerced by law enforcement to commit a crime they would not have otherwise committed. The defense of entrapment typically requires showing that the idea to commit the crime originated with the authorities rather than the accused, and that the defendant was not predisposed to commit the offense prior to the involvement of law enforcement.

Role of Legal Representation in Conspiracy Cases

Having competent and knowledgeable legal representation is essential when facing conspiracy charges. When you work with Richard H. Sindel, Attorneys at Law, you get guidance, support, and a robust defense strategy to help achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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