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Identity theft can occur in various ways

Identity theft is a white collar crime that has some very serious repercussions for the person accused of the crime and the alleged victim. If you have been accused of this crime, don't waste time in getting the defense process moving forward. Identity theft charges don't usually come until the prosecution has had time to put together a pretty strong case.

White collar crimes demand urgent attention

In our previous blog post, we discussed how keeping large amounts of cash can be construed as an illegal act. This is because of criminal activity, such as money laundering and drug sales. Some people who participate in these activities don't like to use banks because of the scrutiny that comes with making large deposits.

Large amounts of cash might lead to legal troubles

Some people don't trust banks. This distrust can lead to criminal charges if you opt to carry around large amounts of cash. This might be shocking to some people who think that as long as you got the money legally, there isn't any reason why you shouldn't be able to carry your own money around.

White collar crime defense must disprove the prosecution's claims

In our recent blog post, we discussed tax evasion and some of the points that must be present in a tax evasion case. If you recall, you aren't likely to face charges for tax evasion if you make a mistake on your tax return. Instead, you are likely to face this charge if you are making willful choices that are illegal for the sole purpose of not having to pay taxes.

Tax evasion isn't based on errors but rather willful actions

The old saying is that the only two things you have to do are die and pay taxes. Some people challenge that tidbit of wisdom by trying to get out of paying taxes, but could wind up charged with tax evasion. These are serious charges that can be the result of complex investigations.

Key points to remember in criminal justice proceedings

Finding out that you are being charged for criminal activities is a horrifying experience. As you embark upon the process, you might wonder exactly what different things in the criminal justice system mean. It is important that you understand how different things can affect you, your case and your rights.

Changes to theft cases must be made after Supreme Court ruling

Prosecutors in Missouri are having to change up some criminal charges after a ruling by the state's Supreme Court. The issue that the Missouri Supreme Court's ruling caused is that many of the charges that defendants are facing are now considered invalid. This means that prosecutors have to either amend the charges or drop them.

Work through complex angles of white collar crime cases

We recently discussed wire fraud and how specific events must have occurred in order for the crime to have happened. Each one of those items is a chance for us to try to weaken the prosecution's case against you. We have to evaluate each piece of evidence the prosecution has against you and work from there to determine what types of defense strategies we might utilize.

What should I know about wire fraud?

Many white collar crimes are based on a person trying to get access to assets by means that aren't legitimate. These methods often involve scams, fraud, phishing or spam. When the method used to try to defraud another person out of his or her money occurs across interstate wires a person might be charged with wire fraud.

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