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December 2015 Archives

What errors might lead to a criminal conviction appeal?

Some people who are convicted of a crime through a jury trial might decide to appeal the conviction or sentence. It is vital that anyone who is considering doing this understands some very important aspects of filing a criminal appeal in Missouri. One of the most important points that must be considered is the type of error that is the basis of the appeal. A criminal conviction can't be filed unless there is an error that serves as the basis of the appeal; however, not all errors that occur can serve as the basis of the appeal.

What are aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon?

Facing an assault and battery charge is a serious situation. That charge can be upgraded to an aggravated assault charge if certain elements are present. Aggravated assault convictions are even more serious than simple assault and battery charges.

Know Missouri gun laws to stay out of trouble

In our previous post, we discussed how federal weapons convictions have declined in the past decade. While it is important for people to know the federal gun laws, it is also important for Missouri residents to know about some of the state laws pertaining to weapons. We know that navigating through the laws to determine what is legal can be rather difficult. If you are facing a weapons charge, we can help you learn what went wrong and how to defend yourself against the charges.

Federal weapons convictions have declined in the past decade

Federal weapons convictions are very serious and can come with considerable prison sentences. The good news is that these convictions are on the decline. The reason for the decline isn't noted, but it can be assumed that either these crimes are actually less prevalent than they were in their heyday or defendants are providing adequate defenses when they are charged with federal weapons crimes.

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