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August 2015 Archives

Facing probation violations with professional help

In recent weeks, we've discussed several types of crimes and allegations and how a strong criminal defense can help protect your rights and your future when facing charges. One topic we covered was related to the challenges and dangers of criminal allegations levied at college students. Criminal charges at a young age can mar someone's reputation for life, impacting future choices.

Woman held on $100,000 bond after violent crime arrest

Violent crime charges can occur after numerous incidents, and assault is a common charge in and around the St. Louis, Missouri, area. Individuals might be charged with assault after a disagreement of any type gets physical, and assault allegations can even be levied when someone was not the instigator of a fight. In some cases, assault allegations occur even when someone never touched the other person.

Criminal convictions at college ages can be calamitous

For many, college is a time of experimentation both inside and outside the classroom. Some students delve deeply into academics, but life learning opportunities are also abundant. Unfortunately, those learning opportunities can become challenges when college students find themselves faced with criminal charges.

The Bank Secrecy Act guards against white collar crime

One way that federal law enforcement agencies guard against white collar crime is through bank reporting requirements. One set of requirements that is specifically designed to help identify crime such as money laundering is the Bank Secrecy Act, which was signed into law in 1970.

Man faces number of charges after alleged crime spree

Authorities allege that a man in St. Louis committed a number of charges during a short spree of crime that took place on July 27. According to reports, the man is being charged with vehicle theft, breaking into homes, robbery and leaving an accident scene.

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