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July 2015 Archives

Involuntary manslaughter comes with hefty consequences in Missouri

Sadly, fatal accidents happen all the time on Missouri roadways. One second a driver is going down the road, the next second there is a crash. From a legal standpoint though, in some cases, police may have reason to believe the driver who caused or contributed to the accident was criminally negligent and the driver could end up facing an involuntary manslaughter charge

Some weapons definitions from Missouri law

When dealing with weapons charges of any type, it helps to understand how various weapons are classified. Some weapons, such as antique firearms, have different possession and use requirements than others. Knowing how a particular weapon is classified can help professionals create the right defense when someone is facing a weapons charge.

What is the St. Louis Sex Crimes Unit?

The Sex Crimes Unit is a department of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. It is tasked with reporting on and investigating crimes related to sexual assault. Commonly, the unit deals with reports of drug-related sexual assault, sodomy and rape, though it sometimes works on cases related to other sex crimes.

What is forgery?

When you hear the word forgery, you probably think about the concept of forging someone's signature. While creating a false signature is forgery, the crime of forgery can extend to a variety of similar activities. Basically, forgery includes creating a false copy of anything in order to illegally or falsely obtain value; forgery charges are considered white collar crimes.

Gun charges in St. Louis increasingly federal

According to reports, the police and Circuit Attorney for St. Louis are turning increasingly to federal charges in cases that involve alleged gun violence or possession by felons. The police chief also reported that he is purposely turning homicide cases into federal cases when possible.

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