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May 2015 Archives

Life sentence commuted for Missouri man convicted of non-violent marijuana crimes

The criminal defense lawyers of Sindel, Sindel & Noble are highly experienced in helping clients appeal criminal convictions. Being convicted of a crime is not always the end of the story, and we know that unfortunately many lives have been disrupted by convictions resulting from faulty evidence.

Prosecutor drops fraud charges against Missouri cattle plant owner

The state has dropped fraud charges against the owner of a Missouri cattle plant. The man reportedly opened the plant in Bates County in 2010, and within a year the business was closed. In 2012 the defendant was charged with multiple counts of fraud in connection with the defunct plant, but he claimed that he was defrauded by the previous owner.

Sister of injured woman claims St. Louis police report inaccurate

The police account of a recent shooting is being disputed by the sister of a woman who was shot. According to police, officers were responding to a call at a local residence when one officer fired seven shots because the woman "began to raise the weapon toward the officers." Police say the woman was hit one time in the chest.

Court hands down heavy sentence to St. Louis teen accused of gun offense

People face serious penalties in Missouri for gun crime convictions. The situation can be even worse if the defendant has any prior felony convictions or is accused of using a firearm in the commission of another crime. Additionally, being convicted of a weapons crime now could have an effect on sentencing if you are ever convicted of a crime in the future.

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