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March 2015 Archives

How domestic assault charges are categorized in Missouri

Under Missouri law, many different criminal offenses can fall into the category of domestic violence. Being convicted of any one of these crimes can have serious family-related consequences for a defendant, even if the conviction doesn't result in a jail sentence. If you have been charged with a domestic offense, then early intervention by a criminal defense attorney is crucial to protecting your rights and freedom.

Why is one state creating a white collar offender registry?

When we think of online offender registries, we naturally envision those run by state and federal officials as a means of keeping track of and alerting the public to the presence of those people convicted of sex crimes.

Conflicting stories surround fight between 2 men and Metro security guard

Conflicting stories have surfaced around a recent altercation between two young men and a Metro security guard in St. Louis. The incident underscores the importance of having a criminal defense attorney ensure that your side of the story is told and that your rights are protected.

Pair from Florida charged with identity theft, tax fraud in St. Louis

Now that so much personal, identifying information is stored online, prosecutors and the courts are under significant pressure to take a tough stance against identity theft. Depending on the circumstances, an identity theft charge may be prosecuted in state court or federal court.

School security guard found not guilty of sexual assault

False allegations of sexual assault are unfortunately a reality in the criminal justice system. For a sense of how often people are wrongly convicted based on false allegations, see our previous post, "DNA evidence: A powerful tool in Missouri criminal defense."

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