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November 2014 Archives

What exactly is 'mail and wire fraud'?

Mail and wire fraud — It's a common phrase in the world of white collar crime allegations, but what does it really mean? Is the "mail" part referring to the theft of letters from post office boxes? And what about the "wire" part? What do wires have to do with anything?

A strong criminal defense is crucial in a gun charge case

The criminal charges related to firearm use and possession are many and various, both on the state and federal levels. If you are charged with a gun offense in connection with another crime, then you are likely facing the possibility of a prison sentence. Even if you are arrested for possessing a small amount of marijuana, having a gun on you at the time of the arrest can significantly increase the severity of the possible penalties.

Don't face domestic violence allegations alone

Allegations of violent crime can evoke strong public reactions, and people tend to sympathize with the accuser and assume the guilt of the accused. Despite public opinion, however, no one accused of a violent crime is presumed guilty in the eyes of the law. Every person facing a criminal charge has a right to defend against the allegations, and not everyone accused of a violent crime is guilty.

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