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On what grounds can a criminal conviction be appealed?

If you as a defendant lose a criminal case at trial, then your opportunities for a successful appeal become limited and time-sensitive. It is important, then, to have an attorney on your side with experience in the appellate process. Making a successful appeal involves scouring the trial record for mistakes that resulted in your conviction.

Sexual assault alleged, assistant police chief named in complaint

A conviction on charges of sexual assault or any sex crime is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Families and careers can be ruined, and financial survival is at risk. Regardless of guilt or innocence, a defendant has rights that must be protected during the process.

Violent crime: Violating a protective order is serious business

Individuals in St. Louis take out protective orders for a number of reasons. Individuals who believe someone in their life is capable of hurting them may seek an order to avoid potential trouble. Those who have been the victim of rape or another violent crime may seek an order against the person accused of the crime; in some cases, this may help the victim feel safe as a criminal case unfolds.

Weapons charges: Felony possession of a firearm

Weapons charges are often prosecuted aggressively, and those defending against them should understand the severity of the charges and the possible penalties. Under Missouri law, anyone who has committed a felony cannot knowingly possess a firearm. This includes people who were convicted for felonies committed in another state.

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