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June 2014 Archives

Missouri man convicted of rape a decade later

The statute of limitations on prosecuting crimes varies by location and type of crime. Generally, felonies and other violent crimes have a longer statute of limitations than misdemeanors, which means that individuals can be charged with crimes such as rape or murder years after alleged events.

Two decades after alleged crime, appeals bring results

For two decades, a man in Missouri was jailed for a crime he says he didn't commit. After a number of failed appeals, a judge has ruled that the conviction should be overturned because of issues with the fairness of the original trial. The judge has left the case open for another trial should the prosecuting attorney refile charges. The man's attorney says they are hopeful that won't happen.

Defense continues in murder case in face of pending execution

For some individuals, criminal defense proceedings don't end simply because the trial is over. Individuals who are convicted still face sentencing, and good defense strategies may be able to reduce penalties. For those accused and convicted of violent crimes such as murder, defense strategies after conviction could mean the difference between a long prison sentence and execution in states such as Missouri.

Drug deal goes bad, St. Louis man arrested for murder

Building a defense when charged with a violent crime takes skill, experience and effective evaluation of the case against you. A first step for any person accused is protection of his or her rights during the arrest process. Then, since no violent crime case is the same, each individual circumstance warrants careful scrutiny of the ongoing investigation and evidence prosecutors will use in court.

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