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September 2013 Archives

Gun court? St. Louis considers creating armed offender docket

Specialized courts to handle certain types of cases have been an unmistakable trend in the criminal law in recent years. It started with drug courts that focused on offenders struggling with drug or alcohol problems. The goal of drug courts is to provide alternatives to jail: flexible interventions that will encourage people to get the treatment they need.

Two guilty pleas in St. Louis parks embezzlement case

This is a follow-up to our May 30 post on an FBI investigation into suspected embezzlement in the St. Louis parks department. In that post, we discussed charges against two parks officials for allegedly using fraudulently padded invoices to take half a million dollars from the city.

Ex post facto punishments: challenge reaches Missouri high court

In Missouri and across the nation, criminal sentencing systems tend to be quite complex. Some states, and the federal government, have strict sentencing guidelines that make for a determinate system. Others grant judges a great deal of discretion when issuing sentences, using a system called indeterminate sentencing.

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