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January 2013 Archives

Embezzlement: when authority to handle money is misused

Embezzlement is not an uncommon criminal charge. But in many ways it is an unusual one. It is unusual because, unlike other property offenses, the person charged is often someone who originally had rightful authority to handle money that was taken.

St. Louis man released after wrongful conviction

DNA evidence has had a profound effect on the criminal justice system. In Missouri and across the country, many people have been exonerated after new evidence made available in the last two decades showed their convictions were wrongful.

Missouri blood-draw case reaches U.S. Supreme Court

Appeals are a key part of the criminal justice process. After all, with liberty or even someone's life at stake, it's important to have the opportunity for review, to make sure the judge or jury got the law and facts right.

St. Louis bank fraud conviction comes as lending rules tighten

The real estate market has been in a confusing state of transition for nearly five years. Before the housing bubble burst a few years ago, few people could have predicted that financing rules and requirements would change so markedly.

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