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Criminal charges related to weapons are serious legal matters. These charges are almost always classified as violent crimes, which means that the life effects of a conviction might be more than what you initially expected. We can help you find out how a conviction might impact your life, as well as discovering any possible defense options that you might have.

Obviously, the penalties that the court imposes are a primary consideration in these cases. You are facing time in prison and fines. While you might be able to get probation instead of prison, this isn't ever a sure thing with a weapons charge. In fact, some weapons charges have minimum sentences that will require you to serve some time in prison if you are convicted.

Aggravated assault charges can stem from various circumstances

Being charged with assault is bad enough in itself, but a charge of aggravated assault is even worse. Aggravated assault occurs when there are extenuating circumstances associated with the assault. For example, you might face this charge if you beat someone with something that could be considered a weapon, such as a brick.

In fact, weapons are one of the most common reasons why an assault charge might end up as an aggravated assault charge. Some people know the term "assault with a deadly weapon" as the charge for assaults involving items like knives and guns. Interestingly, you can also face this type of charge with other items that might be used as weapons. A tire iron or crowbar are examples of this.

Criminal convictions play an important role in the justice system

We recently discussed the fact that criminal appeals must have a valid basis. This is to say that you can't just say that you don't like a penalty and appeal based on that fact alone. Instead, you need to have a reason that falls within the scope of the law to file an appeal. We know that this might be something hard for you to determine, but we are here to help you.

One thing that is important when you launch a criminal appeal is making sure that you have everything in order. Even an appeal that should have been successful might fail if there are any errors in the appeal. We can help you to work on your appeal so that you fully understand what is going into the case and what is going to happen in the future.

Criminal appeals must have a valid basis

Criminal convictions can drastically impact a person's life. If you've been convicted of a crime, you might wonder if you have the basis for an appeal. This might be possible if there are certain elements present in your case.

When you are thinking about a criminal appeal, you need to evaluate your case to determine if there is a reason for you to file an appeal. Typically, minor errors aren't going to result in a successful appeal, so remember that as you think about your case.

What should I do about a domestic violence defense plan?

Facing a domestic violence charge is something that isn't pleasant for anyone. You probably have a lot of thoughts running through your mind. One of these is that you need to fight the charges.

There are several options that might work when you are facing domestic violence charges. Ultimately, you have to based your defense on the points that apply to your case.

Could a teenager be charged with a crime for sexting?

Most people understand sexting to be the sending or receiving of sexually explicit messages through electronic methods, such as text message or email. When consensual adults send these types of messages for noncommercial use, it is generally acceptable. In contrast, when these messages involve images of children under the age of 18, people can face prosecution and conviction of serious crimes. Unfortunately, teenagers can also face prosecution for sending and receiving these messages, even when consensual.

In Missouri, there are no specific laws that target teens with regard to these types of crimes. Instead, prosecutors rely on the existing child pornography laws. These laws cover crimes constituting of nude and suggestive depiction of a child (younger than 18 years old) or a child engaged in a sexual act. Sending or receiving these images is a crime. Each image also carries a separate criminal charge.

Know your options when fighting a white collar crime charge

We recently discussed identity theft and the intricacies that come along with this charge. This is only one possible white collar criminal charge that might occur in these cases.

Other charges also fall under the white collar crime umbrella. If you are facing any of these charges, such as fraud, embezzlement or money laundering, you should find out what options you have for your defense.

Identity theft can occur in various ways

Identity theft is a white collar crime that has some very serious repercussions for the person accused of the crime and the alleged victim. If you have been accused of this crime, don't waste time in getting the defense process moving forward. Identity theft charges don't usually come until the prosecution has had time to put together a pretty strong case.

Oftentimes, the investigators will opt to interview the person they suspect has stolen someone's identity. If this is where your case is now, you need to take the time to invoke your right to an attorney in a clear manner. The last thing you need is for something you say to come back and haunt you later.

Meticulous plans are crucial for aggravated assault defenses

In a recent blog post, we discussed how you must take aggravated assault charges very seriously. We can help you to evaluate the options that you have for addressing these charges. Make sure that you don't sit around and waste time before you get your defense going. You can't think that these charges are just going to go away. We can help you to get your defense moving.

The circumstances of your case have a big impact on what type of options you have for your defense. It is imperative that we have the time to look at the case that is being presented against you so that we can determine what points your defense should address.

Aggravated assault charges must be taken seriously

Assault charges are bad enough on their own. When those charges are for aggravated assault instead of just assault, you need to determine what you are going to do for a defense. This is something that you can't put off. Instead, you need to get to work right now.

Aggravated assault charges mean that there was a factor in the assault that makes it necessary to increase the charge to something more serious than just assault. As such, aggravated assault charges carry penalties that are a bit more severe than basic assault charges.

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