Jul 20, 2023

Indecent exposure can lead to criminal charges

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When most people think of sex crimes, they think about crimes like rape or sexual assault. Some people might not realize that there are several other sex-related criminal charges that a person might face. One of these crimes is indecent exposure.

Indecent exposure means that you are accused of showing your genitals to another person in public. In the case of indecent exposure, you have to show your actual genitals, including the skin.

This is considered a sex-related crime because it is often done in an effort to experience sexual gratification. This is one point that many people use to fight indecent exposure. Think about public urination. The person might have exposed his or her genitals, but he or she can likely successfully argue that he or she didn’t urinate in public because he or she was going to experience sexual gratification. They might even argue that their action wasn’t meant to offend anyone either.

Is being in your underwear indecent exposure

Simply showing your undergarments or flashing a skimpy pair of underwear wouldn’t be classified as indecent exposure unless your actual genitals were showing. For the purpose of indecent exposure, breasts aren’t considered genitals.

Consult a criminal defense attorney

For people who are facing indecent exposure charges, understanding what the charges mean is necessary. This includes learning about the possible penalties that you face if you are convicted. You should also explore the possibility of plea deals and other options for resolving the case which a criminal defense attorney can help you navigate.

As you are getting ready to face the charges, you need to build your defense. This includes going through the prosecution’s evidence and determining a strategy that incorporates an answer to each bit of evidence that will be presented in the case against you.