Jul 19, 2023

3 types of bail bonds offered to defendants in Missouri

Criminal Defense

When Missouri residents enter the jail system, they may be offered an opportunity to receive bail. When a defendant gets bail, they agree to appear in court when they’re ordered to. A court will grant bail if they believe that a defendant will actually show up to trial. In order to guarantee their appearance, a bail bond is set. The bail bond is the amount of money or property that the defendant pays in order to stay out of jail until trial. That money is paid back to defendants if they adhere to the rules set up by the court and show up for trial.

What types of bail bonds are available in Missouri?

There are several different types of bail bonds available for defendants in Missouri. These include the following:

Cash bond

A cash bond is often an option when the bond amount is $2,500 or less. With a cash bond, the entire amount is due in cash. If necessary, a cosigner can be used to help with the payment. Bail bond agents are not involved in this type of bond.

Recognizance bond

A recognizance bond is a type of bond where no payment is required. The defendant is simply asked to return to court when requested. These types of bonds are usually only given in misdemeanor cases instead of criminal law cases.

10% cash bond

In Missouri, defendants may be eligible for a 10% cash bond. With this type of bond, only 10% of the full amount of the bond is required. This money needs to come from someone other than a bail agent. Defendants who have great ties to the community and who have no other convictions may be offered this type of bail bond option.

Who can people turn to if they need help with a criminal law defense?

Criminal law convictions can turn someone’s life upside down. People who are facing criminal charges may benefit by working with attorneys who have experience handling a variety of criminal law issues.