Feb 16, 2023

Can a DUI ruin your time in college?

Drunk Driving

Getting a DUI at any point in your life can potentially impact it for years to come. However, if you are currently in college, it can prove an even bigger problem.

In fact, by some accounts, one single DUI may even ruin your college career.

An end to financial support

The College Investor discusses how a DUI can seriously impact or ruin a person’s college career. First, having a DUI on record may jeopardize any financial support you got up to this point. While a college will likely not expel you for a DUI alone, they will likely revoke any financial support they gave, including gifts, awards or scholarships.

They may also choose to ban you from using on-campus housing. This will make it so that you have to pay for off-campus housing, which is already expensive enough. Then, you have to worry about commuting on top of that, which can cost more money and take a lot of time especially if you have to rely on public transport due to license suspension.

Closed doors of opportunity

Then, you may also find certain career paths closed to you. For example, government positions and jobs that work with children do not hire someone with a DUI on record. This means there is more or less no reason to pursue schooling toward these careers for the time being.

It is also often harder for people with a DUI on record to find internships, which often plays a crucial role in the graduation from college to work, thus showing how detrimental a DUI is.