Jan 19, 2023

What does life after jail with a DUI conviction look like?

Drunk Driving

Getting a DUI conviction can act as a life-altering force for numerous reasons, not least of all because of the potential time in jail and massive fines.

However, most people do not consider the lingering consequences of a DUI conviction. These long-term consequences could haunt a person well after they finish their jail sentence.

Employment issues

According to BACtrack, DUI repercussions last long after a jail sentence. This includes impacts on a person’s employability, their ability to find housing, and the ease with which they can get around.

Regarding employment, many jobs do not hire people with a criminal record involving DUI charges. This includes government agencies, jobs that work with children such as teaching positions, jobs that require a commercial driver’s license, and jobs with a heavy emphasis on operating machinery.

To that end, many career paths may actually close. On top of that, a lot of jobs look for employees with reliable transportation. People with a DUI may go through a period of license suspension where they cannot drive. This renders their transportation unreliable, as they have to rely on public transport or someone else driving them.

It is possible to get a specialized license during this period which will allow a person to travel to and from their house and work, though this does not solve all of the problems.

Problems with housing

As far as housing goes, discriminating against someone just for a criminal record is potentially illegal. However, many landlords will favor applicants without a criminal record first. This can potentially keep someone from finding housing in competitive market areas.