Jan 12, 2023

Penalties for drug trafficking in Missouri

Criminal Defense

Drug trafficking carries severe penalties in Missouri. Specific amounts will qualify for a Class A felony, which according to the Missouri statutes, might result in life imprisonment.

Penalties depend on the drug in question, and the quantity found on your person. See below for more about drug trafficking laws and how they apply to different scenarios.

Penalties for a Class B felony

Class B felonies are the second most serious classification. The mandatory minimum for a Class B felony charge is five years in prison. The maximum prison time is 15 years. Drug trafficking laws do not require that you sell the drugs in your possession. The amount you carry determines whether a court can charge you with trafficking. Some examples of Class B felony amounts are:

  • Between 30 and 89 grams of heroin
  • Between 8 and 23 grams of cocaine
  • Between 30 and 89 grams of methamphetamine

Penalties for a Class A felony

Class A felonies are the most severe classification. Penalties for a Class A felony charge are a minimum prison sentence of ten years. The maximum prison term is 30 years or life. To qualify for a Class A felony, you need to possess more than the maximum amount for a Class B felony. Drug trafficking is a non-parole offense in Missouri, whether you committed a Class A or B felony.

Possessing large amounts of controlled substances puts you in danger of a drug trafficking charge. If you face drug trafficking charges, do not speak with any law enforcement until you seek professional advice. Research your rights, and do not reveal more than you legally must.