Dec 21, 2022

What impact can a DUI conviction have on your future?

Drunk Driving

DUI convictions have a major impact on the future of anyone who ends up with one. However, some people may face more hurdles than others in the aftermath of a conviction.

This is particularly true for students or people attempting to change their careers.

Loss of financial support

As The College Investor points out, students, in particular, have a lot to lose when it comes to a DUI conviction. This is due to the fact that the financial fallout may make it impossible for the student to continue attending college.

First, colleges have the option of expelling a student. They do this very rarely, and usually in instances where the DUI charges also involve bodily harm, death or minors.

In other cases, they will revoke the financial support they gave a student for their attendance. The same goes for private institutions or organizations that give scholarships and scholastic awards. Getting a DUI will likely violate their terms of use or service.

Career path blocks

A DUI can also impact a person’s potential career paths, too. Many industries do not hire people with a DUI on record for safety reasons. This includes jobs that require a commercial driver’s license, jobs that interact with children, including teaching positions, and government positions.

The lack of reliable transportation can easily cause a person to miss out on a job opportunity, too. Many employers may pass them over for other applicants who have their own vehicles and do not have to worry about driving on a suspended license.

These are important things to keep in mind when facing a DUI charge.