How can an ignition interlock device help you?

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In Missouri, a DUI is a serious crime with consequences that could impact your life for some time. The repercussions could affect your reputation, relationships and freedom.

An ignition interlock device might seem a nuisance at first, but maybe it can help you. Knowing the benefits of this contraption may provide you with an incentive to use one.

Take accountability

In serious cases, driving under the influence could result in someone else’s injury or death. You could also receive injuries that complicate and prolong your DUI experience. Under such circumstances, you might lack the eligibility to have an ignition interlock device. However, if you meet specific requirements, using a device can help you take accountability for your actions.

Because you have to breathe into a handheld testing device, you will receive a notification if your blood alcohol concentration exceeds the legal limit. This greatly reduces the chances of you getting an additional DUI. With this support, you can set goals to improve your driving habits, drink more responsibly and prevent reoffending so you can move on with your life. According to the Missouri Department of Revenue, some ignition interlock devices also have GPS and a camera to optimize monitoring.

Have independence

Arguably one of the biggest challenges of a DUI is the reality of losing your driving privileges. With the immediate removal of your license, you can no longer legally operate a vehicle. This could impact your career and your ability to maintain other obligations.

An ignition interlock device allows you to have your independence despite your DUI experience. This way you can continue to live your life normally and reduce the impact of your choices on your future. When you follow the instructions to use your device, you can enjoy its benefits and maintain control of your life.


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