What are some common types of internet crime?

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Internet crimes are on the rise thanks to the availability of access. Scammers and criminals find new ways all the time to try to steal information and money from unsuspecting victims.

According to the FBI, there are some standard online crimes that occur most often. These crimes are usually ones that began offline but that people altered to use the internet.

Identity theft

Identify theft can happen online and off, but online scams will typically be more successful as the scammer can fool you into thinking you are doing something legitimate. Scam emails may seem like they come from a real company, but they are actually good replications that lead you to a fake site where the scammer steals your information.


Ransomware is not only a consumer issue but a large-scale issue. Million-dollar companies have become victims in recent times. Scammers find a way to get into software that locks down computers. They then demand a payment to unlock the system.


Predators can be a risk to anyone, but they are often most dangerous for children. These predators will fool people into thinking they are something they are not. When it comes to preying on youngsters, predators will use any tactic possible. Oftentimes, the motivation is sexual in nature and leads to serious sex crimes against children. However, older people can also become victims. Predators may lead you into sex trafficking situations or scam you for money.

Internet crimes can sometimes be difficult to spot. Scammers are quite tricky and will do things that seem legitimate to fool you into becoming a victim. Your best defense is to make sure you understand the risks and potential scams.


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