How can I protect myself from untrue harassment accusations at work?

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Facing false accusations of harassment at work can lead to a range of problems for you. You could end up losing your job and potentially face criminal consequences.

It can be quite difficult to prevent someone else from saying something negative about you, but you can make it easier on yourself by taking a few steps.

Watch your words

Dice explains it may be normal for you to use certain terms when referring to women, such as honey or sweetheart, but these words can be offense, and some women may feel they constitute harassment. It is best to avoid using such terms. Instead, address people by their names and not nicknames or other terms.

Another thing to watch out for is compliments. You may think it is nice to tell someone they look good or that you like what they are wearing, but focusing on appearance can easily make some people feel uncomfortable. Instead, you should always make sure you focus on complimenting a person’s actions, such as telling someone they did a good job.

Stay professional

Interacting with coworkers or employees outside of work can lead to some issues. It can lend itself to a familiarity that can cause problems at the workplace. It is best to keep your personal and professional lives separate. Even at work functions, such as parties, you should avoid getting too casual with employees if you are in a position of authority.

Protecting yourself against false accusations is about being proactive. You should guard yourself through your everyday actions and words. Being cautious can help you to make it much easier to defend yourself should accusations come to light.


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