Can you get a job with a criminal record?

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Reentering society after your release from prison can feel intimidating. Trying to catch up when everyone else has moved on during your imprisonment can feel overwhelming and discouraging.

One of the best ways to begin rebuilding your life is to get a stable job. Despite what some may say, getting a job with a criminal record is something a lot of people have done. Knowing how to optimize your opportunity may help you proceed with confidence and hope for your future.

Prioritize preparation

Prior to looking for job openings, make a list of your most desirable traits, skills and competencies. Look for positions that ask for some of the same strengths which may increase your chances of getting an interview. Design and update your resume. You can find a variety of helpful templates online or you may consider working with a career counselor to help you refine your resume.

Knowing that most employers will ask about your criminal past, practice answering challenging questions before your interview. You can recruit family or friends to help you run a mock interview. Phrase your answers to provide information without divulging sensitive details or implicating yourself unnecessarily.

Exude confidence

Your criminal past does not have to define your potential or your success. When you show up for a job interview, exude confidence and dignity. Dress and act with professionalism. Greet the interviewers with enthusiasm and poise.

According to Monster, provide honest answers to questions about your criminal record and then promptly redirect the question to the lessons you have learned. Share how your experiences have helped you grow and how the skills you had the opportunity to strengthen, will make a considerable difference as an employee. Your confidence can help you create a positive and memorable first impression.


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